Occupational Health

Workplace assessments have become an important aspect of most companies’ health & safety policy. Prevention and efficient management of such conditions could save businesses money, reduce absence and ensure a happy, healthy workforce.

Modified Pilates

Modified Pilates consists of strength, mobility and stabilising exercises with a main focus to maintain a central core of stability. All exercises are mat-based under  

supervision of a qualified physiotherapist.


​Low intensity pulsed ultrasound has been found to accelerate fracture healing by 30-38% and has a 86% success rate for delayed healing and non-union fractures. LIPUS is a safe, painless device applied 20mins/day.

An ACPOHE registered physiotherapist specialising in combining work & health, striving for the optimum efficiency and comfort. Experience in working across a wide range of industries including offices, factories, orchestras and high street banks.